What is hydrotherapy?

The basics


Hydrotherapy is the use of warm water to treat physical conditions, such as arthritis and rheumatic problems. Research suggests that it is also beneficial for those with mental health issues and can relieve stress, lower anxiety and decrease symptoms of depression.

Sessions take place water pool, where the individual is guided through a series of slow, controlled movements and phases of relaxation.

How does hydrotherapy help older and working-aged people with dementia and mental health Issues?

The treatment uses warm water which helps muscles to relax. This in turn can ease joint pain. Water helps to support a person’s weight and provides resistance to arm and leg movement to improve muscular strength.

Warm water therapy allows our ladies and gentlemen to perform exercises in a therapeutic environment with the following benefits:

  • Reduced joint pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain issues
  • Improvement of balance – decreasing the risk of falls
  • Pain-free exercise
  • Increased strength in legs and arms – helping people to remain active
  • Faster rehabilitation from surgeries or injuries
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Help with depression
  • Improved sleep

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for the following condition:

  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Post-surgery.
  • Neurological conditions.
  • Strokes and head injuries.

We are passionate and dedicated to giving our ladies and gentlemen the best personal care possible. Our therapies are aimed at increasing all patients quality of life and improve independence and self-esteem.

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5 practical and easy exercises

Water Marching

Marching in the warm water will get your whole body moving and boost your heart rate at the same time.

Flutter Kicks

A powerful but low-impact exercise that will get your heart rate up. It can be performed with or without a kickboard. The important thing is to kick at a steady pace to avoid tiring yourself out.

Leg Swings

Strengthen your upper leg muscles and keep your hips stable and flexible by swinging your legs under the water.

Arm Curls

Arm curls are a great way to maintain upper body strength. For this exercise, you’ll need a pair of water weights. The resistance of the water helps to improve muscular strength.

Arm Circles

Arm circles work your upper body, improving flexibility in the shoulder joints.

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