Psychologist at Asquith hall specialist dementia and mental health nursing homeOur psychologists work with our ladies and gentlemen living with dementia and functional mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues.

The psychology team consider what stage the person may be at within the dementia journey and develop therapeutic programs that are tailored to their specific symptoms. They work in comfortable settings with individuals, using gentle reminiscence work to explore the personal experiences and memories that have shaped their lives.

It can sometimes be challenging for the person to think about people or places without associating them with stressful and perhaps traumatic feelings. In providing the right emotional support in a safe environment, they are able to carry out this challenging work in order to lessen the impact of distressing feelings – thereby reducing the behaviours that are causing concern.

Our psychologists consider all occurrences of concerning behaviour to have a function. By working with the person, their loved ones and our medical teams, they are able to reduce concerning behaviours to a minimum – improving well-being and quality of life.

Our psychologists are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that our ladies and gentlemen receive tailored clinical support for their complex care needs, behaviour and mental health within a calm, stress-free environment which encourages psychological well-being.
  • Making sure that medication is used correctly and does not have a negative impact on a person’s ability to function.
  • To support our ladies and gentlemen during the emotional transition from living at home to living in one of our care homes.
  • Facilitating closed-group activities where shared interests can be explored, and encourage micro-communities within the home.
  • Providing emotional support to the loved ones of the people we care for.

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