Care Assistants

Care Assistant at Asquith hall specialist dementia and mental health nursing home assistant practitioner

Our care assistants are part of a dedicated and highly trained team. They are at the heart of our service, supporting our ladies and gentlemen to communicate while understanding their individual needs and building empowering relationships with them. They have a wealth of knowledge, experience, specialist skills and passion. They enable our ladies and gentlemen to live life to the full with confidence and freedom.

Dementia trained

All of our staff members are trained in dementia care and complex needs with behaviours that may challenge. They are highly skilled in person-centred care and adhere to dementia care guidelines.

Our care assistants support and help our ladies and gentlemen to enjoy each day by ensuring they are heard and that they get the high quality care and support they deserve. They assist with daily living, providing support and companionship, and share great moments and memories too.

Every day is a different adventure for our ladies and gentlemen and for our care assistants. Our dedicated and compassionate care assistants are here to make every day full of smiles and to help the people they support to feel safe and cared for.

Our Care Assistants are responsible for:

  • Ensuring all individuals are cared for in a warm and friendly environment
  • Having working knowledge of the needs of the individuals they support, including thorough understanding of care plans, risk assessments and treatment pathways.

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