Assistant Practitioners

Asquith hall specialist dementia and mental health nursing home assistant practitioner

Our assistant practitioners are non-occupational specific team members who assist our nursing staff in delivering high quality person-centred care. Although assistant practitioners are not registered practitioners, they have a high level of skill through training and experience.

Assistant practitioners

Assistant practitioners have a level of knowledge and skill beyond that of the traditional healthcare assistant or support worker. They can deliver elements of health and social care and undertake clinical work in domains that have previously only been within the remit of nurses.

Our assistant practitioners have the flexible mix of skills required to meet the complex and often challenging needs of those who reside with us. They work under the direction of a health professional such as a nurse, dietitian, physiotherapist, podiatrist or a biomedical scientist. Their level of training and experience means they can work alone, without supervision and carry out agreed procedures – referring to a professional for guidance only when necessary.

Assistant practitioners are trained in the following:

  • Values and ethics in healthcare practice in enhancing holistic person-centred care.
  • Applied anatomy and physiological principles with clinical research in practice.
  • Clinical practice skills and managing long-term conditions.
  • Medication management training (can be either employer or college led).
  • Mental health across the life span.
  • Critical and high dependency care (Introductory Level).

Our Assistant practitioners are responsible for:

  • Administering medications
  • Health assessments
  • Care planning and evaluations
  • Personal risk assessments
  • Nursing interventions such as wound care
  • Planning shift work
  • Liaising with other health care professionals to ensure our ladies and gentlemen receive safe, person-centred, evidence-based care.

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