Activity Coordinators

Activity coordinator at Asquith Hall specialist dementia and mental health nursing home

Our activity coordinators develop and implement a wide range of meaningful activities for the ladies and gentlemen we support. They ensure that each of our ladies and gentlemen is offered the right level of physical and mental stimulation every day.

Learning for older adults in a care setting is a mixture of fun, challenge and mental stimulus, and assists in the maintenance of social, physical and mental skills.

Taking part in activities can improve memory and dexterity, increase appetite, develop confidence, enhance social skills, or even just make a person smile and enjoy life more.

The team also offers therapeutic activities for people who require more sensory-based pursuits.

Our team of activity coordinators organise individual and group activities including:

  • Gardening
  • Singing
  • Chair-based exercise
  • Water colour painting
  • Reading and poetry groups
  • Crafts

Improving lives

We have seen a massive improvement to the health, well being and confidence of those who reside with us when participating in meaningful activities.

Gardening can have many benefits to the individual such as:

Connecting with nature – Research shows that physical, as well as visual access to nature, helps to reduce stress and lowers blood pressure. Spending time outside in sunlight for brief periods of time can improve the sleeping and waking cycle and also helps the natural absorption of vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones.

Social, psychological and spiritual health – Gardening provides exercise and routine. Even if a person is unable to actively take part there is evidence that watching the sunset, smelling the fragrance of flowers and listening to the sounds of nature excite the senses -helping people to connect positively to the outside world.

Our activity coordinators also organise and accompany our ladies and gentlemen on outings such as social get-togethers, weddings and shopping trips. This provides the people we support with continuity and helps them to feel at ease outside the home. In addition, a regular program of entertainment at the home takes place, bringing together all of our residents and feeding the community spirit.

Our activity team is responsible for:

  • Responsible for Internal and external activities.
  • Encouraging service users and staff to participate in meaningful activities.
  • Recording information about the activities and the service users who participated.
  • Responsible for implementing themed events for the homes.

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